T³ #003: Empty Out the Excess H20

This Week on Trail Tip Thursday…

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The last thing you want to do is end up stuck in the woods with a full bladder…or even worse, holding back a bowel movement. I won’t dive into how that feels because let’s be honest, I’m sure everyone has had an “oh shit” scare with a near miss bathroom disaster. Before stepping onto the trails, you want your hydration bladder bag full but your personal one empty. Below is an excerpt from ‘Runners World Magazine

If you have a long journey ahead, plan ahead to avoid becoming ‘one with the woods’ with countless bathroom breaks. You will naturally utilize water for breathing, moving, and as a form of energy, but too much and you might have a max capacity bladder from the start. You can’t magically force yourself to go to the bathroom, but by simply ploppoing down on the toilet, your body will associate that with having to empty some waste. Bring a magazine or something to not just think about letting it flow, the more relaxed you can be the better. Ironman triathlete, Competitive eater, and marathoner Yasir Salem has his own method for his ‘system flush’. “To clear everything out before a marathon, I use the same strategy as before an eating competition – black coffee and lots of water”.

Now as much as I recommend trying out what helps successful people remain successful, I wouldn’t experiment just before an upcoming race, just in case, it doesn’t go as planned. Remember, your body will respond a little bit differently than the person next to you, or Yasir as well, so start with small amount of coffee to find the minimal effective dose to keep your insides happy.

The Big Takeaway

Find the balance of just enough water to perform, without overflowing yourself to max capacity.

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