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4 Tactics to Retain Your Resolutions; Staying Consistent Just Became Easier


Piggybacking from my last post, _______________, we are back in action on some ways to retain your best intentions this year. When things come up and distract you momentarily from the choices that empower you, sometimes the wheels can come spinning off in a hurry. Let me follow that up with It is okay to be a human, you don’t need to be perfect to achieve your goals and live life fully. Read that one more time, out loud this time, and really believe it (or out loud in your head if you don’t want to make a public scene). When one small blip hits, like a few missed workouts, over-indulgence, holding toxic emotions, or putting others before yourself too often, our first thought is “well I’ll just restart on Monday”.


Don’t throw in the towel after taking one big punch; get back in there, figure out what went wrong, and throw a punch back to get into the swing of things. Your willpower is only so strong, and mistakes are part of the “figuring out how to become the best version of myself” process, nobody has written a guidebook on the blueprint to get you started in that direction… until now! For just a mere $0.99 (I know, big spenders only), you can purchase my newly published e-book,

‘The Compact Fulfillment Guidebook: Enhance Your Mindset, Body, Being & Balance to Live Better Everyday’


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Inside that book are some of the tips and tactics I list below. They are designed to help you get headed in the positive direction and out of a potential ‘funk’, or ways to make controllable factors in your environment feel in your control. If one of these resonates with you, share it with a friend or loved one who may be able to benefit from it as well.


When I took my taijiquan & meditation course last year at Cortland (yes, I am compact taijiquan certified…so watch out, just saying) we were required to purchase a journal. The intent for it to be used during each day, especially after our daily practice. I didn’t use it regularly, like maybe 3 times the whole year, I honestly thought it was a waste of time.

I never got rid of it, but over the past 2 years have been using it every and each day, absorbing the benefits ever since. I have had measurable improvements in my professional development, physical abilities, confidence, mental clarity, less overwhelming thoughts, and others to boot. Who would have thought? Just by writing down some of the gazillion ideas or thoughts we have each day can have a profound impact on your lifestyle. If you aren’t interested in a fancy bound journal, a simple and paper will do the trick. But having a safe place for your thoughts and ideas to be private and protected is a great, low-cost investment with high-quality insight.

A study published on the Impact of Journaling on College Students’ Self-Efficacy and Locus of Control wanted to find the influence of it for personal development.

Research on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy indicates that journaling can have a positive impact on individuals’ self-growth and intrapersonal characteristics. The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of classroom-based journaling on students’ self-efficacy and locus of control. results revealed that self-efficacy scores for both groups significantly improved after the early journaling assignments; these findings indicate that journaling may have important psychological benefits above and beyond its excepted academic and cognitive outcomes.”

t can be a very valuable tool as an outlet to open up to if you don’t have someone to turn to, or a running log of your thoughts, beliefs, and aspirations. We commit so much time to things for others, and often do not allow ourselves time to be simply to our thoughts. It doesn’t need to be ritualistic by any means, BUT, it should be done with consistency, pure honesty, and with the intent to make a difference. You will develop your own system that fits what you are aiming to achieve, but here are a few things to get you started!

Use it to keep yourself accountable
Set realistic outcomes with measurable checkpoints
Look back to reflect on your personal journey
Free write, doodle, anything you want to let out, just do it…it is your safe space


We all had that shitty package of bugles and microwave dinners lingering in our kitchen, just mocking us and our positive choices. The only way you will commit nutritional blunders is if you put it within reach! Sure, if you are invited to someone’s house, it would take some audacity to complain about a meal they prepared. Or if going out with a group of friends, nobody wants to be the stickler getting a lightly dressed house salad at a kickass steakhouse. For that reason, it is imperative to do everything under your control to make the best, conscious decisions when you can. Just the other day I felt myself having a gnarly sweet tooth craving, rummaging around the bakery section of a local store. After one or two laps, I had enough time to recognize I really didn’t want that in my body, I just wanted temporary mouth pleasure. Rather than settling on something, I mosied on over to the produce and picked up some blueberries. The same sweet effect, but without the crap to keep your belly happy.

If you are looking to find a great starting point or reinforcement for beneficial food intake, it is time to take out the trash. The sugary beverages, unnecessary ’empty’ carbohydrates, that Blue 40 & Yellow 10 crap… you know those things. If you are having trouble deciphering the good from the bad, use this as a guide; if it wasn’t available to be found or eaten years and years ago, there is a strong chance your body won’t need it. Determining the difference between “I need a ham and mayo sandwich” and “I want a ham and mayo sandwich” is imperative to become more conscious about why we think we need certain foods. I’m not saying you have to be a bonafide health crusader to make huge changes in your gut and bodily health (at first), simply become present when it comes to the most common and important decisions of the day; what fuel we choose.


With a spouse, an old friend, with your children, a best friend, even with yourself, we are mammals that love connection and camaraderie. The laughs, stories, love, passion, and togetherness of who we surround ourselves with become a part of who we are. It has been said you are most like the 5 closest ones you spend time with, and I think it is entirely true! Think about when you were younger; you emulated your parents and learned so much about who you are from them. And then having friends that were all like-minded with interests, activities, and imagination. The more people we come in contact with, the more diversified our outlook and personality can become. We ultimately rely on the ones around us to influence who we are as individuals, so why not make them that much more important? I know I have one friend in particular that had a profound impact on my childhood that I haven’t seen consistently in so many years. A few times we connected, but the excuse of “I’ll talk to him soon” or, “I should see what he’s up to” fill the place of reaching out.

It would be awesome to catch up with someone you spent so much time with and where they are at today! So in lieu of another year passed with experience and wisdom, why not try and bring someone so important in your previous years to your present ones? Because I guarantee that they have thought the same a time or two.


We have our phones, computers, and smartwatches to do so many tasks that help us ‘real life hack’ our days. But, one thing we forgot to keep using was a calendar to plan. The hanging wall calendars, tiny motivational desk ones, pocket planners, and school agenda books were great to help keep us accountable and organized for things we had due, needed to be done, or important events coming up! Especially now, when we all seem to have 101 things to cover each day, you are prone to forget a few along the way.

Like forgetting to pick up little Joey from school, a deadline at work, an anniversary, or paying a credit card bill on time. We don’t need to even worry about carrying around a pen and paper, we have the technology to help us! On my iPhone, I downloaded a few apps to use to help stay on top of tasks and dates, as well as the calendar that is pre-installed (which has some sweet features too). Google Keep, and Mint Money Management are two great resources that have made a positive switch over the last few months. By adding in ways to be more efficient, not having to remember everything, and setting future events in, my stress has totally decreased. Plus, I have found a nice groove to spread my weekly outcomes to enjoy them as well as give them my best efforts, rather than rushing from one to the next to battle the clock.

We all give ourselves New Years Resolutions in an attempt to find the change we have been wanting to have, but haven’t whole hardheartedly been searching for. A small fraction of people actually has the success of completing what they “aim” to achieve. Lack of time, becoming busy, losing focus of our why, or even forgetting the goals you set in the first place!

It’s time to take a stand in your ability to do whatever you put your mind to, and give it your best efforts. Putting in time, effort, and consistency is a perfect recipe to find the golden ticket we all want to find, but not in a candy bar this time! What do you have to lose? Find a passion for adventure, pushing yourself through a challenge, becoming consistent with action and words, and look deeper into yourself with the aspirations you want to achieve. Find your ‘why’, and never lose sight of what you want to achieve!

If you are looking for customized content, training, or lifestyle tips, connect with me on social media for more lifestyle optimization geared content!




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