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Just Focus On One Thing In the Moment: Habit Forming Advice to Make Them Stick

Everday on your social media news feed is a new diet fad or nutrition hack, but I urge you to avoid the buzz and take miraculous claims with a grain of Pink Himalayan Sea salt. Trying to flip your habits and behaviors a 180º (nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, ect.) there is always some blowback. I understand excitement and urgency can cause get the fire burning to live better.

First, I advise making a plan that will encourage progression and maintenance over a longer period of time. Anecdotally and by sharing this advice with others, positive feedback has resulted from this habit-forming advice to make them stick.

Okay, picture this. So you’ve decided to exercise 30 minutes each day and be more patient with your partner or and stop drinking coffee after dinner and ditch your morning on-the-run breakfast and avoid negative email writing and and and… HOLD UP!!!

In your long list of things you want to change, improve, fix, clean, or decipher, a good first step is to break them into priority. The ones that play the largest role in happiness, improvement, or the changes you want, the more pertinent in your day they should be; create space for what matters most. I’ll let you in on a little secret:

Only Pick One Thing to Focus on Right Now, and Let all of the Others Wait on the Backburner

Ironically enough, this is known as the One Habit Method and works much more effectively than the typical ‘New Years Resolution’ method of goal setting. We are aiming to learn from the One Habit Method and avoid the N.Y.R.; this is why.

The One Habit Method

  • Less distraction/clutter because clear and non-conflicting Action Steps (which can frequently happen when setting many goals at once)
  • Focus’ on one habit for 2 weeks, then either re-vamp or add an additional one
  • Energy is directed at becoming good at this one thing, high yield on time invested
  • Evaluation at the 2-week mark of current progress to see if it aligns with your wants

New Years Resolution Method

  • Attempting to change many habits at once, can have conflicting Action steps that inhibit achieving some of your set outcomes
  • Chaotic adjustment to a new routine or schedule can be overwhelming with many new or will-power tasking habits
  • Multi-Tasking is a fantasy, and will only lead to less effective understanding and connection to what you are doing; Efficiency is music to my ears, so if it wastes time, space, and energy, and willpower, it shouldn’t be a part of your day.
  • Difficult to pinpoint what is working and what is not since they subtract focus from one another.
  • All of the goals live and die together. If one shits the bed, they all shit the bed
  • Failure to adhere to habits is a much higher rate than the One Habit Method because of clutter and congestion in your schedule. Can lead to poor self-efficacy from “doing badly”.

In the past, I have expanded upon the system failures of New Years Resolution Goal Method setting. You can read them here;

New Year, New You, Same Results? Recognize and Revamp Your Resolutions

4 Tactics to Retain Your Resolutions; Staying Consistent Just Became Easier

For your luxury, here is a quick table of the statistics from 2017…

I don’t know about you, but longevity and “improving for the long haul” needs to last much, much longer than 6 months to make a lasting change on your life… and clearly, the N.Y.R. method may not be the most beneficial way to create changes that last. When you decide what you want, just focus on that one thing until you it feels like second nature in your routine; THAT is how you develop a lifestyle for the long haul.

Now, it doesn’t have to be a ritualistic activity where you align candles in a dark room, burn some sage and search for enlightenment. It can be as simple as finding silence in your mind and environment to think about what has been going well, what hasn’t, and what falls in between. It’s all about just moving more pieces of the puzzle towards the positive and constructive side as often as possible, and each day there is that opportunity if you are willing to search for it. This age of information has anything we could possibly imagine to be searched or solved within seconds! But the process of using and applying that quickly received knowledge is what takes time.

Once you create the time and space, consistency will easily follow. Even if it becomes a part of your Google calendar, making it pertinent and constantly on the brain can only add to your success.

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