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It’s Not Just About the Exercise, It’s About the Entire Experience:

If you follow me on any social media, you may have seen that Journaling is a staple in my daily routine to keep me grounded, my pinball thoughts at bay, and a safe space to open up and think. Every now and again, I flip back through the pages to previous entries; there is a lesson always to be learned, both at the moment it was written/felt, and also in reflection later on.

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Today, I want to share with you what I flipped back to find this past week, and it made an impact on me, reaffirming my passion for living the best life I can every single day, and I hope it can deliver an impact to you as well.

 A Journal Excerpt 

January 4, 2018

It’s not about the exercises it’s about the experience. Sure there are one is better at improving your cardiac output, joint stability, losing fat, building strong muscles, and other tangible bodily freedoms each person deserves. But that is only the superficial and immediate gain that exercise can deliver to you.

“Exercising” is beyond just the exercise. It is an opportunity to connect to the most basic instinct we have for survival; to Move. Movement is life. Everything that is happening, visual and non visual is movement and motion. Stagnance is characterized by lack of development, advancement, or progression of movement; stale, sluggish, or dull from inaction. 

If you are not consciously involving yourself with movement, than by definition you are degrading the overall potential YOU have to develop, advance, and progress. You have the capacity and ability to thrive in all spectrums of life, even more so than you already are. It is not an attack, it is a truth that we all have a void we can’t seem to fill. A small glitch in the system tugging us back from experiencing life to the fullest potential becuase we can’t seem to figure out how to deal with it. Here’s the secret to what you should do next to fill it. Just Move.

But if adding resistance bands, maxing out weight on the bar, or random YouTube exercise integration is what makes your clock tick, you are not alone, but I urge you to reflect on why.

Before I was a coach, I tried whatever the fuck I saw online. That cannot make me a better coach, it just made me a better exerciser. Not a better athlete, or student, or son, or partner. It just made me better at doing the exercise that I was doing and it changed my body a bit in the process. But what was happening to my mindset and my connection to self? Once I begin to appreciate and focus on movement open the door to your connection and what else could occur and a deeper insight into myself and what makes me feel the most alive.

Once I began to connect to the concept of movement, appreciating the human body and what it could do, all spectrums of my life began to fill with more happiness, pleasure, progress, abundance, and vitality… Magic? Not quite. I believe that you can enhance your overall enjoyment of the Life experience by simply moving, and driving that with an intention, a Why to guide your What.

If you know Why you are investing energy, time and resources into a task, you will be much more inclined to carry it out all the way through, with the best mindset and action steps possible (ideally). By empowering the Why, it’s like somebody gave you 20/20 vision into your mindset and environment,  or a detailed map while on a search for something you fiercely want.

A Stronger, Sexier, More Resilient Body,

Balancing Healthier Relationships with Yourself and Loved Ones,

Passionate Professional Endeavors,

Constructive Self-Criticisms,

Confidence & Compassion,

Balancing All Life Attempts to Throw Your Way…

Movement & Exercise can mold your experience here on Earth to be even more enjoyable than it currently may be, simply because it is our most basic function so many of us have turned off, suppressing the most primitive thing that makes us Humans… Enhance your connection and appreciation to your Self, and continue to Live Better Every Day thereon after.

Did what you just read make your day? Boost your mood? Bore you entirely? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below!

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