The BIGGST Thing Holding You Back from Living Your Best Life

Please enjoy my journal entry from this morning… As it was powerful for me to feel and write, and believe it will be for you to feel and read. Thank you

Your Body is Your Home. Your Temple. The only ‘Thing’ that is with you 100% of your entire existence…

And with that, most people spend their lives not giving a shit about what they put in it, what they do (or don’t do) with it, how to strengthen your Body, Mind, Strength, Flexibility, Injury prevention & other assets of total health and wellness… Why?

Because I don’t have time

Don’t know what to do

Am too old/injured to do be doing that

Can’t stick with it and get bored

Can’t afford it

I’ve heard those and many others before… both from clients, friends, family, and even myself at times. The truth is, at times we all get caught up in living life and forget about taking care of the vehicle that actually takes us through life, and is the one thing we actually have control over in this crazy world.

Our Bodies

Each Day is an opportunity, an effort, a chance to improve your quality of living even just 0.1%… Yes, some days kick your ass, but it is the ability to shake that off and move onto the next positive focus that will help you Feel, Live, Think & Act the way you REALLY desire to deep down. I believe we all have a unique opportunity to Live Better Every Day, and no two peoples plans will look alike in doing that.

We all have individual experiences, shapes, sizes, injuries, strengths, stressors, history, environment, goals, aspirations, and WHATEVER else makes YOU the unique individual you are. This is what inspires me to do what I do every day; to help each of YOU make a positive impact on your own lives by learning more about what YOU enjoy and fuels living the best version of yourself as often as you possibly can… This is my pursuit on a daily basis, and I want you to join me on pursuing yours as well – whether this is your first step through the door, or you have been in the practice for some time now.

I use “fitness” as a universal language we all primitively share as the foundation for this platform for Living Better Every Day in all of your pursuits through life. We are all designed and born to MOVE, and our society at this moment is filled with many SEDENTARY focused pleasures, activities, and professions…

I am confident in saying that your inability to fully express moving your body on a more consistent and complete basis is what is holding you back from Living Your Best Life. If that offends you, please now scan what your days look like; what are you doing with your free time? Spending your time on for leisure? Do you sweat or face voluntary hardship regularly (i.e. hard workouts/adventures)? What types of food do you nourish (or sabotage) your body with? Do you surround yourself with positive optimism, or offended pessimism? Do you share and receive LOVE daily? What are you scared of that you can’t say out loud to the world?

Things such as these, I encourage all of us to look more closely at if we want to live and prosper as the best versions of ourselves…

We all deserve it… You deserve it…

To Live Better Every Day is an opportunity every morning, afternoon and night to create habits and make decisions that promote all of the best things you want to do, feel, see and hear… It is a choice, a conscious decision you make with every activity, food, thought, finger scroll, word, and action you make…

Do You Want More For Yourself & Your Potential; to hold the steering wheel driving your existence? Or Would You Rather Point Fingers as to Why You Can’t/Don’t/Won’t/Haven’t?

The choice IS YOURS, I promise you that… so choose wisely, as every moment matters to build momentum. Now is your chance to GO.

Thank you for spending time with me and a little glimpse into my mind today. I hope this can be a benefit to you, and if you liked it, please share this with someone who you think will as well.

p.s. Please enjoy this picture of Oakley to just dang melt your heart:

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