Great Reasons to Do Spring Cleaning Any Time of the Year

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There was a time when keeping a tidy home was simply considered the duty of every
homeowner. Nowadays, science is discovering that there is an abundance of other reasons to make cleaning part of your lifestyle. Here’s some important information on why having a clean home is a good thing all year round.

Allergens Abound

If you or someone in your household has allergies or asthma, keeping your home clean can
help to alleviate symptoms. As Everyday Health explains, the dust in your home is likely full of all sorts of yucky things. From cockroach dung, to mold, to pet dander, there are tiny particles wreaking havoc with your family members’ airways. For best results, routinely wipe down horizontal surfaces with a soft, damp cloth, then thoroughly vacuum. Since convenience can be a key to keeping up with household chores, consider investing in a cordless vacuum (which can be purchased for under $100). Most are virtually as powerful as corded models, and on top of that, they are also lighter and more maneuverable. Research online reviews and “best-of” guides before making your selection, and bear in mind one with a HEPA filter will be the best allergen buster.

Declutter to Reduce Stress

Clutter creates a land of opportunity for dust, which tends to collect in little hidey holes
throughout your home. On top of harboring unwelcome particles, in a sense, clutter can also
collect stress. Clutter tends to remind us of unfinished business, and by paring down your piles, you can actually feel more relaxed. There are other mental health benefits from decluttering as well, such as better productivity, more creativity, and boosting your outlook on life. You can even get better quality sleep as a result. There are several great methods for decluttering, from getting rid of one thing every day, to sorting clutter into distribution piles, to setting aside keepers only and parting with the rest. Decide what will work best for you and dig in!

Breeding Grounds for Germs

The very word “germs” has an off-putting sound to it, and of course, they can make you sick.
Bacteria and viruses like to linger in all sorts of places, so giving your home a routine scrubbing is a smart way to ward off illnesses. CBS News points out that the germiest spots in your home are in your kitchen and bath. So, take extra care to clean your cutting boards, countertops, faucet handles, sinks, and toothbrush holders. Sponges and dish rags should be sanitized and replaced on a regular basis as well. When it comes to cleaning products, you can create your own natural versions with healthy ingredients from your pantry. Do your scrubbing with club soda, vinegar, baking soda, and lemons for a sparkling clean, sanitary home free of the toxins that are found in most off-the-shelf cleaning products.
To get started on the right foot, consider bringing in a maid service to do a deep clean of your
home. This work will cost an average of $170 in Fishkill, but it’s well worth the one-time cost
(just make sure to request that they use eco-friendly products).

Fido’s and Fifi’s Contributions

Our furry family members are wonderful sources of love and companionship, but they can also be sources of dirt, germs, and debris. Make sure your pet’s food and water bowls go through your dishwasher regularly, and give their toys a good cleaning as well. Soft toys can often be thrown in the laundry or hand-washed, and hard chew toys can also go into the dishwasher. As far as your pooch himself, you can DIY doggy shampoo that smells nice and doesn’t hurt your wallet. For accidents, keep an enzymatic cleaner on hand to attack stains and odors at their deepest level, and make sure you clean your cat’s litter box properly.
There is much to be gained by tidying up your home. You and your household members can all enjoy better mental and physical health with a little decluttering and scrubbing. With so many wonderful benefits, any time is a great time to do some spring cleaning!

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