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Get Down With the Sickness: How to Stay Fit While Feeling Under the Weather

Hey you! Yes you, as in you reading this now. I'm assuming that since you are here, you are curious how to learn some new ways to get rid of and avoid sickness aside from whatever isn't working currently. All is fine and dandy. Your training sessions have been consistent, your mood is vibrant at… Continue reading Get Down With the Sickness: How to Stay Fit While Feeling Under the Weather

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Move + Breathe – Stress = Freedom (Part 2)

Welcome back for Part 2 of; Move + Breathe - Stress = Freedom. Last time, you learned how simple and soft movement can totally overhaul your feelings throughout the day. Now, you have the second part of this powerful equation to reduce your levels of perceived stress, while boosting your overall life force and ability to… Continue reading Move + Breathe – Stress = Freedom (Part 2)

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10 Ways to Stay Fit This Holiday Season (and Still Drink Some EggNog)

On average, the meal you and most Americans consume is a whopping 3,000 - 5,000 calories for a typical Thanksgiving/Holiday celebration. Yikes! That is the equivalent of; 8 Hours of Shoveling snow...yes, I said shoveling, not snow blowing 3-4 Hours of Running Continuously... Up Stairs... Non-Stop 6 Hours of Circuit Training, and a pretty dang tough… Continue reading 10 Ways to Stay Fit This Holiday Season (and Still Drink Some EggNog)

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Live Better Every Day with These 5 Simple Habits

Mindless: Marked by or displaying no use of the powers of the intellect; Requiring little attention or thought; Not intellectually challenging or stimulating. Engaging in mindless behaviors are what cause us to feel stuck when the shit hits the fan in life. Out of the blue with no warning, the slap of reality shows you what… Continue reading Live Better Every Day with These 5 Simple Habits