Along your journey of optimal Health, Fitness & Wellness, you will need guidance. Help is not ‘wimping out’, and shouldn’t be viewed as something bad. Those who ask and seek out help often thrive and succeed more than others.

Support Systems are Important for Long-Term Sustainability

On top of the in-depth movement & performance consulting in person, each week… scratch that: each DAY I deliver Free content that can help you Live Better Every Day.

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In-Person: Orca Empire Fitness Academy

If you live in Putnam County, Dutchess County, or the Hudson Valley, a short drive is all that separates us from linking up! At Orca Empire Fitness, we are focused on You; Making Fitness Fun, Empowering, & Exciting for Every Person. We are different than a gym because we educate You with intelligent exercise programs that will deliver results and reduce symptoms of aging. The best part? You learn How and What makes you feel, act, & live better every day

In-Person: Private for You

By special inquiry only, I will travel to your home, fitness center of choice, or other locations for one-on-one private training. Please contact me for further details, specifications, and what I need from you to get started right away.



Certification / Education Courses

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