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Essential Human Food Pyramid

The Essential Human Food Pantry is a go-to resource when it comes to filling your plate and refrigerator with the most abundant, nutrient-rich foods time and time again. At one point or another, everyone I have come in contact with (myself included) have been misled, confused, and felt lost when it came to the “right” Nutrition advice. This was created as a template for clear and quality options to optimize your body, mind, and health. Simply click to download from the link above


☆Webinar☆ Why You Should NOT Train Through Pain & Soreness; Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

“No Pain, No Gain” is both the best and worst advice in sports & fitness. Pain because of tough work and mental hardiness is much, much different than pain in your muscles, joints, and daily activities. Learn how to spot warning signs, and stop pain in its tracks before it becomes more dangerous than it needs to be