Meet Sean


Sean Escaravage Jr., BS, OASM, FMT

“My passion is rooted in appreciating the human body. My mission is to facilitate change within the hearts and bodies of those I coach, to consistently take action towards physical freedom. By revitilizing your current relationship with exercise, let me guide you to form healthy habits that will improve your quality of living each and every day.”

From baseball athlete to exercise-junkie to an endurance athlete, Sean has always been curious to explore what the human body is capable of performing. His passion is fueled by enhancing the appreciation you have for the human body, specifically your own. Sean immerses himself in the latest fitness, health, nutrition, and bio-hacking knowledge to get firsthand data on what will work for you. In order to achieve optimal health and fitness, exercise is not the only piece to that puzzle; it is a total spectrum lifestyle.

Sean is a graduate of SUNY Cortland with a bachelors degree in Fitness Development, with a concentration in Exercise Science. Through years of learning and refining methods, he adopted a mindful approach to movement. Coach Sean believes by engaging with movement on a deeper level than just sweating and flashy muscles, the attention focused on what the body is actually doing can help you connect to feelings and strengths deeper than just with traditional fitness knowledge. Sean wants to guide you to take a shift your current relationship with exercise to access the ability to experience full and fulfilling movement.

“The way you move directly affects the way you live, and spending more time moving and exploring will promote living free of pain, full of vigor, and learning more about You. The only thing that will remain yours forever is your body. The clothes you wear, the car you drive, the job you have, and things you spend time on will break down or be replaced many times throughout your life. But regardless of where you go and what you encounter, you control the quality of life you want to feel each and every day. The only thing between empowering that path to bodily freedoms and staying your current course is believing you are worth it.” – Sean Escaravage


Graduate of SUNY Cortland with a bachelors degree in Fitness Development – Concentration in Exercise Science.

OASM Certified by the Onnit Academy as a Steel Mace Specialist

Functional Movement Therapist by RockTape Eduaction Systems

Mini Compact Taijiquan Course Completion with Way of Peace Taijiquan Association (13th Generation Chen Lineage)