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“I am privileged to have Sean as one of my trainers at Orca Empire. Sean’s hobby is learning how to be a better trainer! Sean provides us with cues to ensure we are hitting our target positions and checks our reps to ensure we are being fluid, focused and safe in every rep. Sean is cognizant of pain points for those with any injuries and will provide an alternative, but equally effective, exercise to perform. I have learned much from Sean and his enthusiasm is contagious.” – Lisa D.

“Sean is incredibly knowledgeable, capable and patient. One of the absolute best trainers I have ever worked with!” – Christine H.

“When Sean first introduced me to the Steel Mace he was patient, knowledgeable and took me through it step by step. I admire his ability to ensure each of us were learning the proper technique. Now I feel confident in including steel mace in my routines. What first seemed awkward has now become second nature thanks to the leadership of Sean. I’d highly recommend trying a class with him. His enthusiasm for this option is contagious. Then again, it is present in each of the modalities he offers in his classes.” – Daria R.

“I’ve been working out with Sean for several months now. My only regret is that I
didn’t start sooner. I’ve come a long way under Sean’s awesome guidance.
It’s really clear to see how dedicated Sean is to his clients. He takes the time to
individualize the program for everyone in the class and that is so very helpful. He
is a patient and thorough teacher who demonstrates a real passion for his work.
After each class, I come away feeling good about learning something new or
making a bit of progress – or both! I have Sean to thank for educating me about
building strength, flexibility and endurance.” – Marie T.

“I have worked out at a traditional gym for over 10 years but found that I was in a rut. So at a local 5K my friend and I went over to the Orca Empire table and was offered a free trial. I figured, what the heck, it’s free why not. Well, it was the best thing I ever did.   Small group personal training with very knowledgeable coaches who make every workout challenging and making sure everyone is working to their max potential.

With their guidance and support I was able to reach my goal of lowering my triglycerides levels and accomplishing the dreaded chin up! Orca was life changing and a new way of life.” – Rachel M.