T³ (what is it?)

What is Trail Tip Thursday?

If you are like me, running on the pavement was one of my favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors. To stay conditioned for baseball and soccer, it was routine to get home from school hit the pavement. But it didn’t take long for it to feel boring, and to be honest, I wasn’t loving much either. So my short-lived passion for running began to fade, and once I shifted to strength training in college I virtually stopped running altogether.

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It needed a spark to rekindle my love for it

No matter what music I had, how beautiful the weather was, the best clothes or shoes I was wearing, I did not feel excited to start my runs, and by the end just felt tired and relieved; I lacked feeling empowerment and joy. Then, as if I attracted the opportunity, someone asked me to accompany them to Lime Hollow Nature Preserve in Cortland, NY for a “run”… and boy, did we set out for a “run” indeed!

The first time on the trails I felt like a young fawn with a new set of legs. My usual boring, predictable, repetitive pattern of running was now challenged with sticks, roots, fallen trees, and uneven ground. Beautiful mountain top views and being fully emersed in nature overshadowed the simple feeling of conquering miles on roads extending for eternity. And that spark was just enough to turn an old hobby to ‘stay in shape’ into the focus on my professional and personal endeavors.

Lacing up your sneakers and headed out for a run on flat-grounded earth is an amazing venture entirely. It’s difficult yet attainable, and no gym membership is needed to complete one of the most recommended activities to get in shape, lose weight, or stay healthy. But as easy as running might sound, it does take proper training and skill development truly reap the most rewards from the experience.

Since Trail Running is still an up-and-coming sport, I found it tough to find helpful tips online to become a better off-road runner. At that moment I knew I needed to start small, and begin spreading the word about how to get others interested and involved with trail running.

My intention is to spread awareness that your ability to explore does not stop where the road meets the trail, rather, that is just where it is just beginning. Use these tips to take your first trek, or to improve your 100th time around. I hope they can provide an enhanced experience and enjoyment to your new sense of adventure for years to come…